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Ages 15 to 17

Follow your SAT Prep Track or IB & IGCSE MATHS Track

every morning from Monday to Saturday,

as well as 5 afternoons during the camp.

IB & IGCSE Maths Track


Step into an intensive IB and IGCSE Math summer seminar conceptualized by the Ivy League-educated former content director for The Princeton Review, one of America's top test preparation providers. With over 1 million college prep books sold on Amazon, our lead educator has unrivaled experience in steering students towards academic success. This 45 hours seminar covers almost a third of the teaching hours typically required for IB Math. Whether you're at the starting line of the IB/IGCSE journey or in the midst of it, our seminar is geared to bolster your understanding and hone your skills.


Key Features:

  • Expert Leadership: a bespoke course crafted by the former content director of The Princeton Review and best-selling author, providing in-depth insights, strategies, and insider tips.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Dive deep into critical IB and IGCSE Math topics, covering nearly a third of the standard IB Math curriculum in just two weeks.

  • Dynamic Learning: Through a blend of lectures, interactive problem-solving sessions, and mock tests, students will be equipped with the knowledge and tactics necessary to excel.

  • Customized Material: Receive specially curated study materials that mirror the structure and challenge of actual IB and IGCSE examinations.

  • Flexible Application: Ideal for both beginners seeking a robust foundation ahead of their IB/IGCSE journey and current students aiming for a mid-program revision boost.



  • Strong Foundation: Begin your IB or IGCSE journey with a clear understanding of essential concepts.

  • Efficient Revision: For those already in the program, reinforce your learning and identify areas of improvement.

  • Competitive Edge: Equip yourself with tried-and-tested strategies for tackling even the trickiest of questions.

  • Boost Confidence: Through thorough preparation, walk into your classes and examinations with a heightened sense of certainty.

SAT Prep Track


The SAT® Prep track provides intensive training for Sat exams. Students prep for some of the US’ most selective universities. We ensure high-quality preparation in a welcoming and rewarding environment.

  • 45 hours of classroom instruction and drills

  • Math, Reading, Grammar

  • 4 full-length practice exams

  • Complete preparation of the digital SAT and paper SAT

The Regent SAT track is taught by instructors from Kaplan, the Princeton Review, and the Rosey Camps. Our instructors have taught over 5000 SAT students, many of whom have seen considerable improvements in test scores.


Each student who takes this track will leave with a comprehensive understanding of all three sections of the SAT, a personalized study plan, and techniques to answer each question.

My Afternoon Adventures

Two afternoons per week, enjoy a wide variety of challenging activities with friends of your age including

laser tag, multisports, surf, water activities and more.

Wake Boarding
Photo Safari
Jump Park

My Evening Activities

All our evenings are special, and we spend them together as a group. You will participate in our Interteam games, talent show, creative workshops, s'mores around the fire...  and more!

My Weekend Expedition

We are mountaineers at heart and can’t wait to show you around our alpine playground. You will spend your weekend taking part in an unforgettable expedition, making your way up to an altitude of 2,200 m where we will sleep under the stars after a delightful fondue. 

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