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Ages 8 to 14

choose 2 morning LABS + 1 PASSION

Morning Labs

You will follow your 2 Labs of 90 min every morning from Monday to Saturay.

Language Lab groups are organised according to the results of placement tests taken at the start of camp, and according to age for Maths and Science. Language labs are designed for students who are learning the chosen language. So if you are a native English- or French-speaker, it’s best to choose another subject.

 Possible LABS combinations:

  • Maths & Science

  • Maths & English

  • Maths & French

  • Science  & English

  • Science  & French

  • English & French

  • English & English*
    dedicated to real beginners only

Mad Maths
taught in English


"Mad Maths" is an exhilarating lab that invites children to embark on a thrilling mathematical journey that bridges the gap between numbers and the natural world. Through outdoor adventures and hands-on activities, young mathematicians will uncover the hidden math all around us in the great outdoors. From measuring the height of trees using shadows to calculating the symmetry of natural patterns, this LAB aims to make math not just fun but also deeply relevant to everyday life. "Mad Maths" will inspire kids to see the beauty in mathematical concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of how math plays a vital role in understanding and appreciating the wonders of the world around them, all while having a blast with numbers and equations.

Science Explorer
taught in English


"Science Explorer" is an immersive lab designed to spark the innate curiosity of children by connecting them with the wonders of nature. In this adventure-filled LAB, young explorers will venture outdoors to explore the natural world, unlocking its scientific mysteries. Through hands-on activities like pond water microscopy, bird watching, and tree identification, participants will develop a deeper understanding of ecology and biology and cultivate a profound connection to the environment. From investigating local ecosystems to making your own cheese, this LAB aims to foster a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world, inspiring the next generation of scientists and environmental stewards.

English Forever


"English Forever" is an engaging and immersive LAB tailored for children, aimed at non-English speakers looking to strengthen their language skills. Through a diverse range of interactive games, fun activities, and outdoor adventures, participants will embark on an exciting journey to enhance their English proficiency. Designed exclusively for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners, this programme offers a supportive and dynamic environment for each level. Whether it's exploring nature, making games, or practicing conversational English in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, "English Forever" ensures a rewarding and lasting language learning experience for all participants.

In Love with French


"In Love with French" is an immersive and delightful lab, where children will develop a deep appreciation for the French language and culture. Led by experienced native language speakers, this engaging programme offers a dynamic blend of games and interactive activities, all designed to make learning French a fun and exciting adventure. Participants will not only improve their language skills but also explore the rich tapestry of French culture, enhancing their global perspective. "In Love with French" is the perfect opportunity for young learners to fall in love with the language while having a fantastic time.


Afternoon Passion

You will follow your Passion for 5 afternoons during the camps...

WEEK 1: Monday - Wednesday - Friday

WEEK 2: Monday - Wednesday

2 pm - 5.30 pm

Tennis Serve

Our dynamic PASSION, offering an exciting introduction to a variety of racket sports like tennis, badminton, squash, ping pong and padel! You will learn the fundamentals of these sports, from proper techniques to game strategies, all while having a blast on the court. Through engaging activities and friendly competitions, you will enhance your coordination, agility, and sportsmanship, making "Racket Sports" the perfect opportunity for young athletes to discover and develop their passions.


Golf Ball Basket

Our inspiring PASSION, tailor made for young enthusiasts.  Join us for five afternoons of golfing excellence in the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland. Our 'Golf' PASSION offers a unique opportunity to learn and hone your golfing skills with the guidance of professional coaches. Surrounded by the stunning Swiss scenery, you will master the art of golf while enjoying the tranquility of the course. Whether you're a beginner or looking to perfect your swing, this workshop promises an unforgettable golfing experience.

2 August – Art In Nature

My passion is
Art in Nature

Our captivating PASSION, designed for creative young minds. You will embark on a creative journey, using the beauty of the natural world as your inspiration and canvas. Through a variety of artistic activities, such as nature sketching, outdoor sculpture and printing, you will learn to harness your artistic talents while connecting deeply with the environment. This PASSION encourages self-expression, fosters an appreciation for nature's wonders, allowing you to explore your artistic potential in a nurturing and inspiring outdoor setting.

Carbine and Rope

Our thrilling PASSION, designed for adventurous young participants. You will embark on exhilarating mountain adventures, including indoor and outdoor rock climbing, orienteering to develop navigation skills, a glacier trek, and survival technique training. This PASSION will introduce you to the excitement of outdoor activities and instill valuable skills and confidence for safely exploring mountain environments. "Mountain Sports" offers an unforgettable experience that combines physical challenges with a deeper connection to nature and the thrill of conquering new heights.


My Afternoon Adventures

Two afternoons per week, we organise a wide variety of challenging activities with friends of your age, including
laser tag, skatepark, multisports, fun forest, water activities and more.

Regent Camps - New Heights - July 20 - Accrobranche - 10
Jump Park

My Evening Activities

All our evenings are special, and we spend them together as a group. You will participate in our Interteam games, talent show, creative workshops, s'mores around the fire...  and more!

My Weekend Expedition

We are mountaineers at heart and can’t wait to show you around our alpine playground. You will spend your weekend taking part in an unforgettable expedition, making your way up to an altitude of 2,200 m where we will sleep under the stars after a delightful fondue. 

Regent Camps - Pre-University Camp - July 9 - Expedition - 16.jpg
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