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Meet the camp directors

Hello, who are you?

Hi! We are Driva Louise and Aurélien, the directors of Régent Camps.

Where are you from?

Driva Louise is from Sweden and Aurélien is from France. We have been living in many different countries over the years, for example Kenya, Peru, Dominican Republic and the UK. We love travelling and getting to know new cultures

What do you work with?

As camp directors, it's our job to organise the Régent Camps. We plan for the activities, make sure we hire the best teachers and that the students are happy and safe when they stay with us. Our goal is that our campers leave with many good memories and new friends

What do you like the most about the Régent Camps?

The location. We love the mountains and this area of the Alps is incredible. Crans-Montana is a vibrant village, and things are happening all year round. The camp takes place at Le Régent International School, a school that was built only five years ago, so the facilities are very modern

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Aurélien is a trail runner and skier, so he's very happy to be in Switzerland where there are so many options for running and mountaineering. He also enjoys making videos and taking photos. Driva Louise enjoys reading and learning new things. She is a qualified Yoga instructor and, being Swedish, she also likes a good cup of coffee. 

What is your favourite outdoor activity?

We both love the outdoors and exploring new places, which is why the expeditions on Régent Camps are some of our favourites. Driva Louise prefers to do so by hiking or cross-country skiing. Aurélien is a qualified skiing instructor and has been travelling all around the world to ski. He's even skied down the glacier on Mt Kenya!

Why do you think students will love Crans-Montana and the Régent Camps? 

Just like we did, we believe they will fall in love with the beautiful landscapes here. Life up in the mountains has a different pace than the busy city life. We love that the Régent Camps have something for everyone.

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