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New CFA® Future in Finance Track on Pre-University Camp: Meet our Track Director, Nick

We sat down with with Nick, Director of our NEW for 2021! CFA® Future in Finance Track on the Pre-University Camp, to see what he's got in store for our budding young investors joining us this summer.

What do you do at Régent Camps?

I run the new CFA® Future in Finance Track on our Pre-University Camp. Over the course of the four weeks, I'll be guiding the Future in Finance students through the complexities of the financial markets. Plus we’ll also have some fun with an investment simulation game that we’ll run throughout camp to bring students up to speed with trading and management.

What do you like the most about Régent Camps?

It’s my first year! Last year, my daughter attended Régent Camps and I was so impressed with the facilities at Le Régent, the Directors and their colleagues at her camp, and the beautiful area of Crans-Montana that I knew I just had to be part of it this year. I’m looking forward to a whole month in this exceptional part of the world. I can’t wait to begin learning from my colleagues and students and sharing my knowledge with the Future in Finance students on our Pre-University Camp.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from a fantastic little mining town called Wigan in the North of England. After school, I lived in London for 18 years where I learned from what was the best fund manager in the business: Mercury Asset Management. I was an equity analyst, a fund manager and, before I moved to Switzerland, Chief Investment Officer for Lloyds Private Bank. Here in Switzerland, I have been Director for the UK, Netherlands and Nordics Investment Advisory business for Credit Suisse before starting two investment business in 2017 and 2020.

Outside of the classroom, what are you most looking forward to at camp?

In the afternoons, you will find me hitting the trails on my mountain bike, walking our family dogs (Chloe and Stella), swimming in the lakes and also trying to improve my handicap on the excellent golf courses in town - I look forward to seeing the students there too. To have all these sports on our doorstep is an unmissable opportunity.

Describe yourself

I’m a father, husband, biker (road and MTB!), skier (water and snow!) dog owner and of course, chartered financial analyst.

Best investment

I believe my best investment was to study to become a chartered financial analyst. It’s really THE qualification to have in finance and that's why i'm so excited to be able to prepare younger students for this in their future. In the markets, I like event-driven opportunities such as the US elections and BREXIT. During camp, we can look at some historical opportunities, analyse how they could be anticipated and ways to exploit them, so that students will understand the approach and be able to transfer this into future opportunities.

What will I learn from you?

If you really want to, you will finish the camp fully prepared to beat your competition in a summer internship, and completion of the course will certainly demonstrate your passion for investment when it comes to interviewing with international investment banks, hedge funds and boutiques. Success in the exam will get you your CFA certificate and you might also learn how to avoid some bull and bear traps (financial language for share prices going up (bull) or down (bear).

Learn more about our Pre-University Camp with CFA® Future in Finance track this July 2021.

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