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Spencer: "The boarding house felt like a second family"

Spending the summer at Régent Camps is a great way to experience a taste of life at Le Régent International School and the local surroundings in Crans-Montana." We spoke with Spencer, a student at Le Régent, to share with us what he loves most about boarding school in Switzerland and some of his advice about making the most of the whole experience.

Hi! Who are you?

Hi, I’m Spencer, 19 years old and come from the North of France in Normandy. It has now been six years since I moved to Switzerland. My main passion is skiing, which I do every week during the winter term here at Le Régent.

How long have you been at Le Régent?

I arrived at Le Régent fours years ago, in September 2017. Before that, my studies were at the local school here in Crans-Montana. During these four years, I've had the chance to be both a day student and a boarder.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Living in Crans-Montana means having very different seasons. My favourite is winter because I love skiing; you can also go sledging, cross-country skiing and ice skating.

In summer, life is different; very sunny, the temperatures sometimes get up to 30 degrees! It allows you to go mountain biking, hiking or play golf, plus so much more. There is also a skate park, which is amazing!

If there is one thing that doesn't change, it is the views - they are splendid!

What is your best advice for someone who would like to get better at skiing?

Honestly, go up the mountain as much as you can. Wake up early to enjoy the peacefulness up there. It doesn’t matter if it means that you ski alone, it is often when you make the biggest progress. And this is not just the case for skiing! It is also great for other sports.

What is the best versus the most challenging thing about being at a boarding school?

I boarded for one year at Le Régent and perhaps the most challenging for me was adapting to a new routine at first. But the teachers are really helpful! They'll tell you when and where to go during the entire day from the wake up to lights off.

And as for activities, it's never dull in the boarding house! You'll always have something to do and someone to see!

Was it easy to make friends?

Oh yes! I was really scared at first because English was not my first language. But I remember my house parent, his name was Mr Calverd and he looked after all the new students in the boarding house. He was very dedicated and he helped me integrate with my classmates. At that time, there were eight different nationalities in my class! The school was new at the time and we were a fairly small group, so it really felt like a second family.

What are you planning on doing in the future?

At the moment, I am focusing on my IB and am aiming to study business administration in Geneva next year.


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