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"Maths Mastery is the key to success"

Hi! What is your name and what do you work with?

Hi! My name is Emma Thompson and I am the Head of Mathematics at Le Régent International School. We have three Senior School Maths teachers as well as some excellent Junior and Infant class teachers who also love to teach Maths.

I teach across several Year groups: IBDP (The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) Mathematics (Higher Level and Standard Level courses), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) - and even Year 6.

What is the best versus the most challenging about being a Maths teacher?

The best thing is when students understand a new concept, and even more so when they can use their knowledge to explain it to their peers and solve more complex problems.

Mastery is the key to success and I find that making the Maths real is an important factor in building this skill. I do not see Maths teaching as a challenge, I just have to find out about every individual in the class and work out what it is that makes them understand.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to improve in Maths?

Practise questions and search for real-life applications of Maths in your everyday life. Maths is everywhere. I often take students for days out to Sion and Crans-Montana so that they can truly see that Maths is all around us.

How is life at a boarding school different from a regular school?

If you have the opportunity to go to boarding school then you must take it! I went to boarding school all of my life and I still see my friends regularly and the networking opportunities when you get older are really useful. Boarders do not get to go home at the end of the day but the accommodation these days is extremely comfortable; a home away from home! You do not miss your parents too much as the opportunities are amazing and the house staff are really friendly. You can play a huge array of sports, go on exciting expeditions with views that will take your breath away, enjoy the arts or simply relax. There is something for everyone.

And to finish, what is your favourite thing about Crans-Montana?

I have lived in many places, but Crans-Montana is truly the best place I have ever lived. For a start we are in Switzerland; everything works, it is safe and also very clean.

It is hard to say what is the best thing in Crans-Montana as the alpine town has so much. It has great shopping (all of the designer shops are here), beautiful views and a world-class golf course together with a driving range. If you enjoy mountain biking we have tracks to suit all abilities, you can walk in the mountains, stay in remote huts or simply hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. Winter is also fantastic as you have three different types of skiing right on the doorstep.


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