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What to do away from screens - Sophia's top tips!

We all spend quite a lot of time in front of our computers these days. Therefore Sophia, a student at Le Régent, has created this list of things to do when you want to get a break away from your screens!

  • One of the main things to do is to do indoor/outdoor workouts. Not only do these take your mind off work and social media, but exercise releases endorphins afterwards, so you feel so happy and refreshed.

  • Write a journal. This may be cliché but you will appreciate it later on and in the future, you will look back and remember the times of your isolation and the ways you coped with it. It also eases your mind.

  • Clean your room. This is very good for you to get rid of things you do not need and you can maybe even donate some things to charity!

  • Reading. This may seem an obvious one, but it has been studied that people who read are more likely to be successful. So what do you say?

  • Learn new skills, for example, knitting, cooking, there are so many to discover! I did knitting the other day and I felt so accomplished.

  • Talk with your family. This is a good chance to connect with your family and talk to them, especially if you have any siblings who are boarders or even just spending a lot of time working.

  • Go on walks or run. It's a perfect way to get your steps in as during quarantine or isolation you may find you're not walking as much.

  • Stay positive everyone! School may be hard right now (especially if you have to do it online), but there are so many ways to keep your mind refreshed and challenged, to disconnect from studying and work on things that you have never done before.

Good luck!


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